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Privacy and Confidentiality

Syracuse University is committed to providing safe and supportive spaces to students who have been impacted by sexual and relationship violence.  The University simultaneously strives to maintain a safe learning and living environment for all students in a manner that is consistent with state and federal laws.  It is important for students to be well informed in regards to the confidential resources available to them in the event that they have experienced sexual or relationship violence. 

Counseling Center Therapists including members of the Sexual and Relationship Violence Response (SRVR) team, University Health Services Providers, and the Chaplains at Hendricks Chapel are all considered to be confidential resources.  These individuals are neither required nor permitted to provide any information regarding an incident of sexual assault or relationship violence to any outside party without the consent of the student involved in the incident.  More specifically, these individuals will not provide any information about a reported incident of sexual assault or relationship violence to the Syracuse University Title IX Coordinator or any law enforcement agency without the student’s permission.  Please click here for additional information regarding the Counseling Center’s confidentiality policy.

Employees of Syracuse University other than those mentioned above are considered “responsible employees.” As such, they are responsible for the culture of the University and compliance with University policies. Thus, they are required to report all of the details regarding any incident of sexual harassment, sex discrimination, or sexual or relationship violence (including the identities of both the survivor and alleged perpetrator) to the Title IX Coordinator.  Examples of “responsible employees” include staff members who work in Student or Academic Affairs (e.g., Office of Residence Life staff, Academic Deans, and Athletic Department staff).