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Returning from a Mental Health Medical Leave

Prior to the semester to which the student would like to return to Syracuse University, the student will need to provide the required readmission documentation and complete a readmission interview with the Counseling Center (See semester deadlines below).

The student will also need to contact their school or college to discuss readmission. Readmission is dependent upon space availability and academic standing in the college and program to which the student seeks readmission.

If the student has further questions, the Office of Student Assistance 315.443.4357 is also available for support during the readmission process.


The Counseling Center requires the following documentation for readmission before the readmission deadlines (see below):

  • The Syracuse University Counseling Center's Readmission Questionnaire completed by the student's licensed mental health care provider.
  • A letter from the student's licensed mental health care provider, on office letterhead, that provides a treatment summary and indicates that the student is prepared to resume full-time study at Syracuse University.
  • Written permission for the licensed mental health care provider to speak with a Syracuse University Counseling Center therapist about the course of treatment and continued care recommendations.

Required documentation can be faxed to 315.443.4276 or mailed to:

Syracuse University Counseling Center
200 Walnut Place
Syracuse, NY 13244


Once the Counseling Center has received the required documentation, the student will need to schedule a readmission interview with a Counseling Center staff therapist by calling the office at 315.443.4715.

The purpose of this meeting is to assess the student's current status, review the recommendations provided from the licensed mental health care provider, and identify any support the student will need to help insure success upon return to Syracuse University.

  Decisions for student readmission to the University following a Medical Leave are highly individualized and are contingent upon completion of specific requirements set forth by the Counseling Center.


Failure to meet a deadline may result in the student's return to Syracuse University being postponed until the following semester.  Additionally, it is the student's responsibility to contact their home school/college for specific academic requirements regarding your re-enrollment. 

*International Students: Please begin your return from medical leave of absence process as soon as you and your medical provider feel that you are ready and if possible, in advance of the deadlines below to ensure sufficient time for a new I-20 to be processed. Please contact Slutzker Center to discuss any questions concerns about your international student status and I-20.*


Readmission for FALL semester:

                Supporting documents sent to the Counseling Center by August 1st

                Readmission interview by August 15th

Readmission for SPRING semester:

                Supporting documents sent to the Counseling Center by December 15th

                Readmission interview by January 10th

Readmission for SUMMER semester:

                Supporting documents sent to the Counseling Center by April 15th

                Readmission interview by May 1st