Alcohol and Drug Services

The Options Program is a unit within the Counseling Center, which primarily addresses alcohol and other drug issues; however the therapists will conduct a full assessment including anxiety, depression in addition to substance use.  Based on the results of this assessment, your therapist will discuss recommendations with you.  These may include further individual meetings, participating in the Options Education Group, or a referral to an outside provider for a more thorough substance abuse assessment.  As with all Counseling Center Services, involvement with our Program is confidential and free for all full-time SU. 

In addition, the Options Program also is a resource for other drug and alcohol related concerns.  For example, students who have concerns about a family member’s or friend’s use of drugs or alcohol can come to Options to discuss their concerns with someone familiar with these problems.  Also, students who are in recovery or are trying to maintain abstinence from drugs or alcohol can take advantage of Options services to get additional support to maintain that lifestyle. 

NOTE:  The Counseling Center does not provide evaluation or treatment services for court-ordered treatment.  We will, however, help you find appropriate treatment resources in your area.

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Mandated Referrals

Some students may be required to come to the Counseling Center as a result of drinking or drug related consequences.  Students may be referred through the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Office of Residence Life, the Athletic Department, or other administrative offices. Our services are still no cost and confidential.  You will likely be asked to sign a release of information allowing communication between the Counseling Center and the referring office.  Any release will be fully explained to you if one is needed.  You have the right to decline signing any release, however the Counseling Center will not be able to confirm your involvement.

Most students will be seen for at least three to five sessions.  In other cases, your therapist may make additional recommendations that may include being involved with the Counseling Center for a longer period of time or a referral to an off-campus treatment provider.  Any cost involved in off-campus treatment will be the responsibility of the student.  It is the student’s responsibility to follow through with any recommendation in order to complete the program.

For more information about referrals from the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities