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Campus Connect Checklist

Gatekeepers are an essential component of effective campus-wide suicide prevention efforts. However, though gatekeepers are a necessary part of a campus suicide prevention program, the use of trained gatekeepers, in the absence of critical campus environment factors, is not sufficient as a suicide prevention effort. In fact, training gatekeepers without first preparing your campus to implement such training can actually put your students and university at greater risk. Campus environment factors (e.g., support, resources, and policies) are crucial elements in determining the success of a gatekeeper program as well as an overall suicide prevention program. The following checklist is provided as a means of assessing your campus’s readiness for implementing the Campus Connect gatekeeper training.

  • Does your university have clearly established policies and procedures for responding to suicidal students?

  • Have you obtained institutional support and approval for conducting gatekeeper training?

  • Are relevant campus administrators (e.g., Dean of Students, Dean of Faculty, Director of Residence Life, etc…) aware of planned gatekeeper training, and when appropriate, will they be trained as well?

  • Is your counseling center (or other relevant campus mental health providers on your campus) involved in the gatekeeper training or working with you in conducting the gatekeeper training such that there are preparations for the referrals that gatekeepers may make? Further, are the relevant mental health providers prepared to serve as consultants to those gatekeepers who may interact with distressed students?

  • If your counseling center does not provide 24 hour emergency services, have you identified appropriate referral resources for immediate after-hours crisis response (e.g., local hospital, Suicide Prevention Hotline)?

  • If you intend to use Campus Connect training with Resident Advisors, has the role of RAs on your campus been clarified such that the Campus Connect philosophy is consistent with the role and expectations of your RAs?

  • If you intend to use Campus Connect training with Resident Advisors, have you ensured that your RAs have been instructed in your campus’s policies and procedures for responding to a suicidal student?

  • Are your targeted gatekeeper populations willing/able to devote the required time for the training (Campus Connect is most effective when the full 2.5 -3 hours is allotted)?

  • Have you developed, or planned on developing, printed materials to distribute to gatekeepers who participate in the training (i.e., wallet reference cards)?