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Training Program

Individualized Training

Our training program seeks to aid you in your development as an emerging clinician in the field while holding your unique needs and interests. We are committed to exposing you to a variety of experiences, theoretical orientations, and professional activities to foster your personal and professional growth.  Through a multicultural framework, the center encourages strong generalist practice with emphasis on diversity and high quality care. We are growth-based, individually tailored, and geared towards the preparation of empathic, inquisitive, ethical, scientifically sound, and versatile practitioners.

Training Model

Our training program operates from a Developmental-Mentoring model with emphasis on experiential learning, multicultural awareness, and scholarly inquiry. We value meeting you where you’re at in your professional development while helping to build on prior knowledge and experience to achieve competencies in clinical service provision. Opportunities are presented in a graduated way and you are expected to increase your responsibilities as well as your autonomy as the year progresses.

A core value of our training program is that of mentorship. Relationships are a catalyst to personal and professional growth, and you will be able to acquire knowledge, be socialized into the profession, and obtain support as you solidify your identity as a clinician. 

Throughout the training year there will be a strong emphasis on “learning by doing.” You will be integrated into all facets of the Counseling Center and will be expected to operate under careful supervision through a wide variety of tasks. Multicultural competency is incorporated within all training, including didactic seminars, supervision, clinical experience and a social justice project. Trainees are expected to honor the importance of clinical practice informed by science and scholarly inquiry, which is also integrated into the work they will be doing.

What to Expect

Each trainee’s experience at our site will be unique, framed through a developmental lens and based on individual interests and needs. You can expect some typical activities, including:

  • Individual counseling: You will see clients in a brief therapy model for approximately 8-10 hours per week.
  • Initial consultations: You will conduct brief (45 minute) initial consultations with clients seeking services and refer them appropriately.
  • Group counseling: There are opportunities to either process-observe a group and/or co-lead a group with a staff member. Supervision of group is provided.
  • Social Justice project: You are expected to complete a social justice project throughout your training year. This involves participating in assessment and self-reflection around your needs and skill level with multicultural work, identifying an organization or student group to connect with, and planning/implementing a project related to themes of social justice.
  • Individual supervision: You will receive one hour of supervision per week with an assigned professional staff member.
  • Seminars: Weekly seminars are held for all trainees. These will be educational in nature and are designed to complement the experiential learning of the training year.
  • Case management: You will be allotted time every week in order to complete paperwork and navigate case management for your clients.

Eligibility and Selection of Trainees

Recruitment for trainees begins early in the Spring semester of the academic year. The placement will be for the Fall 2019- Spring 2020 academic year; there are four paid positions in total. Tuition waivers are dependent upon negotiations with home departments, therefore they cannot be guaranteed. In order to be eligible for placement at Syracuse University Counseling Center, students must:

  • Be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral level program at Syracuse University focused on mental health. Examples include: clinical psychology, counselor education, school psychology, social work, or marriage and family therapy.
  • Have completed at least one full year of practicum prior to joining our site. Preference will be given to applicants who have had 2 or more practicum placements with relevant experience conducting individual and group therapy with adults.

How to Apply

To apply, submit via email:

  • A cover letter stating your interest in the position and how a placement at Syracuse University Counseling Center may best meet your training goals for the coming year.
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Statement of Eligibility from your Director of Clinical Training stating: “I certify that _____________ is considered to be eligible and ready for a training placement at Syracuse University Counseling Center for the upcoming academic year. ___________ has demonstrated an ability to act semi-autonomously and utilize case management skills, ethical practice, intermediate-beginning therapy skills, multicultural awareness and sensitivity, and a tolerance for and interest in intensive supervision. I believe this applicant meets the minimum qualifications to train at your site.” (This statement may be copied from the website and pasted into an email from your Director of Clinical Training or to a Word document and signed if submitting a paper application).


Heather Cosgrove, Ph.D.

Training Director/Assistant Director

Syracuse University Counseling Center

200 Walnut Place, Syracuse, NY 13244